Latest Causes

We have embarked on excursion programmes for children in rural areas,townships and cities.We organize outings,campings,mountain climbing,swimming and various sport activities.We say a BIG NO to devide and rule-we teach children from a young age to integrate with other races,so far the programme has been successful.

About Us.

Domingo Foundation was established in 2007-by the Domingo Family Trust.Our operating capital is funded by the Domingo Group of Companies.However we still need donations from corporations and the general public to cater for our various proprammes.We have consultative status by the United Nations and we regularly attend summits and high level talks on sustainable development,women and child abuse etc.


Substance Abuse awareness Programmes.

Our Social workers interact with the youth on the dangers of substance abuse,we also created programmes to give the youth the means to experience other cultures organising singing and dancing competitions.


Youth & Adult Training.

We train the youth and adults to become self sufficient and to enter the labour market skilled in bricklaying,plumbing,plastering,carpentry,electrical,sewing and computer programming classes.


Pensioner Day.

We have a pensioner day programme where we take the elderly on bus rides around the peninsula,we provide them with breakfast and lunch during the trips and we also organise cooking and baking competitions for the our elderly.


Child,Youth and Elderly Programmes.

We have a programme where the children youth and elderly come together on camping trips and the elderly will tell stories of time past by how it was and what obsticales the overcome.Giving the youth life lessons in gangsterism and substance abuse.We keep the children off the streets and away from gangs initiations.

Empowering through education.


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Helping the Homeless, Hungry, and Women & Child Abuse Victims.We care for the less fortunate.